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  • The Twelve Guilds

    The Twelve Guilds of [[Baltharia]] are eight groups of craftsmen and workers in particular fields. There is acclaim to being highly rated in the guilds, and they often have guildhouses in the major towns and cities in the same ways churches have …

  • The Smiths Guild

    The guild is one of [[The Twelve Guilds]] based in [[Baltharia]], and headquartered in [[Greyhelm]]. It has large Guildhouses in all of the major cities, as well as smaller Guildhouses in many, though not all, towns. There are a few guild houses in [[ …

  • Waywatchers

    The Waywatchers are one of [[The Twelve Guilds]] of [[Baltharia]]. They are the group responsible for the safeguarding of the ways and paths throughout Baltharia.

    They are funded from The King's Treasury, and pay a decent sum, although …

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