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  • Gothak

    Gothak was an orc the player party met in [[The Goblin Tunnels]], beneath [[Applecross]].

    He is a tall figure, with grey hair that's thick and matted around his back. His skin is weathered and pitted in a way that suggests he's …

  • Thunderhammer Davrik

    The leader of [[The Smiths Guild]] and a very talented weaponsmith. He is a dwarf and resides in King's Chair. 

  • Naylor

    Naylor is an elderly man, with a long, wizened white beard and a slight stoop. His skin is creased and weathered but he still wears a broad smile and moves with surprising ease. He wears long brown robes, adorned with wreathes of ivy, and carries a …

  • Poll

    Poll is a halfling wearing simple black leathers. He's about thirty with curly black hair and a pale complexion. He spends much of his time chasing and talking to animals, whom he seems to have a special affinity for.

    He has a somewhat …

  • Tina Ricker

    Tina is a member of The [[Waywatchers]]. She is a 30-odd woman with short, blond hair, darkish skin, and a cold, controlled, slightly rough personality. 

    She met the party as they left Trill, on her way back from a patrol, leading two …

  • Smith-Mentor Marsh

    Smith-Mentor Marsh is one of two mentors in [[Trill Smiths Guild]] & obviously a member of [[The Smiths Guild]]. He is a bald, stout man with a goatee and small, brown eyes. He's not very intelligent, but he's friendly enough to those that …

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