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  • Westport

    Westport is the birthplace of [[Esperia]]. It was the first city founded on the new continent and served as the capital for many years. It was renowned for its shipyards and ports, until the sea grew too impassable and trade ceased. It waned slowly, …

  • Altport

    Altport, along with Westport, is an ancient settlement created in the days when people arrived on the continent. The city was formerly a large port alongside its sister-city …

  • Greyhelm

    Greyhelm is small city on the western shore of [[Baltharia]]. It is notable as being the last bastion of civilisation so far west and is as much a stronghold as a city. It is built of thick stone from the nearby shore cliffs and has a strong militia …

  • Klarr

    Klarr is a reasonably small city perched at the mouth of the river [[Bastix]], which spills into [[The Grey Seas]] in a relatively calm bay. It has large fishing communities as well as offering passage to [[Altport]] by boat,


    Sabinth is one of the two 'Jewels of the East', the other being Nar

  • Applecross

    Applecross was a very small village, a short way north of [[Elyssia Forest]]. It served several surrounding farmsteads. The population were entirely human, and mostly rugged, swarthy folk. 

    Applecross was set along a singular dirty …

  • The Endless Desert

    The Endless Desert is a vast desert, stretching east from the river [[Iridis]]. It is named as, in spite of the efforts of explorers and researchers, it has not been crossed. There are many dangers in the deeper places of the desert and it is mostly …

  • Kander

    Kander is the name of the continent from where the original settlers of [[Esperia]] arrived. It is remembered as a mundane land, however contact has been lost. 

  • Telessil

    The seat of the council that rules [[The Principality of Phyrr]] and the largest city of that kingdom. 

  • Elyss

    A city within [[The Principality of Phyrr]]. It is often used as a gateway city toward the other lands due to geography. 

  • Elyssia Forest

    A vast and wild forest. It is nominally a part of Phyrr, however as most of the central reaches of it are wild and untamed the Baltharians often claim some of the northern outskirts. Elyssia is known as a very magical place and is hard to …

  • The Frostfangs

    A large mountain range. Home to plenty of undesirable, and often massive, creatures. The outer reaches of it are mined, primarily by [[The Glittering Kingdom]], however much of it is unexplored and dangerous. 

  • Barons Fen

    A hostile swamp, barely trodden. Often blamed for the slow decline of [[Baltharia]], as it is home to many monsters and dark magics, though this is not well documented. 

  • Trill Smiths Guild

    This is the Guildhouse of [[The Smiths Guild]] in [[Trill]]. It is a narrow, tall building, situated off Market Hill marketplace between a relatively large clothes store and [[The Explorers Guild]]. A lamppost like structure is outside with an anvil …

  • Trill

    Thrill is a small town located about 100 miles South-West of King's Chair. It is a market town that services many of the surrounding villages and farm communities and, as a result, is relatively safe, wealthy, and settled. It has a population of …

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