Naylor is an elderly man, with a long, wizened white beard and a slight stoop. His skin is creased and weathered but he still wears a broad smile and moves with surprising ease. He wears long brown robes, adorned with wreathes of ivy, and carries a staff that he uses sort of to help him move. 

He is friendly in a gregarious way and quite wise. He's prone to curiosity and open to all sorts of experiences and ideas, and eager to listen to most stories and interesting tidbits.

When the party met him, he encouraged Saida to pursue her own spirit animal and gave her a whistle with which to do so. He also collected some herbs for Sanur. He told them that he was on the way with his friends to find a spirit animal for Poll, and that they mostly live in Elyssia Forest

See also Poll and Lathariel. He appears to be the leader of this small circle. 


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