Thrill is a small town located about 100 miles South-West of King's Chair. It is a market town that services many of the surrounding villages and farm communities and, as a result, is relatively safe, wealthy, and settled. It has a population of about 2,500 people. 

Trill is settled on a hill that peaks near the north of the village. This location is called Market Hill, where a large, open marketplace is and where most of the guilds, temples and town houses are. There are 10 taverns, of which 4 are also inns. There are a large number of merchants selling household wares, but few with weapons and no obvious magic shops at all. There are guardhouses on the south and north end of the city, totalling about 20 guardsmen. 

Locations of Note: Trill Smiths Guild

People of Note: Elran


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