Baltharia is one of the three states that create the continent of Esperia. It is the oldest and largest of the three, and originally spanned the entire section of the continent before ancient rebellions fractured the continent into the three lands. It is ruled by King Atran, who has entire power but employs a council to advise him. 

Baltharia is beset by many problems. The west of its lands are home to monsters and fel spirits, and the ports that once provided life to the city have fallen useless due to the inaccessibility of the Grey Seas. It has lost much of its power and is a fading civilisation in many places. 

The people of Baltharia are, by and large, hard working but dour folk. They tend to hold productivity and importance to the working of their society in high regard. Members of one of The Twelve Guilds are of particularly high regard. 

Cities: Westport (fallen), Altport, Greyhelm, King's Chair,  Klarr

Locations: Duskthorn, Baron's Fen


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