Esperia is the name of the continent, comprising of three distinct states. The oldest state, which once was the only one, is the kingdom of Baltharia. This is the largest state, but falling and stagnant. It is rather old fashioned and austere. To the east is The Glittering Kingdom, a rich tract of land built around a river and mountains in the south, and bordering on The Endless Desert, which occupies much of the inaccessible continent proper. Finally there is The Principality of Phyrr, a state set up by non-humans citing racial tension with Baltharia.

The continent was settled as recently as 300 years ago, from travellers and explorers from Kander. At first this land was wealthy, magical and exciting, and the area boomed. More and more travelled to this new continent, not just explorers but families and all the various craftsmen, soldiers and land-workers that made up a whole civilisation. However, passage between the continents became harder, and some 150 years ago contact was lost. 

This lead to wars which split the continent into the factions it now contains. The land is still wild in a great many places, and though there are parts of it that are settled, huge swathes of it are possessed by magic, monsters, or chaos that nobody has been able to curtail. The wars ceased and there is an uneasy peace between the civilised races, however there is still much conflict and danger from the land itself. 

Esperia is roughly 500 miles tall and broad, and has a temperate climate, for the most part. The seas and desert surrounding it are impassable and it has no contact with anyone from the wider world, including through magic, which seems temperamental about reaching beyond the borders. 


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